Q. Do all True Value vendors need to have GS1-128 Shipping labels certified?

Yes, all True Value vendors are required to submit GS1 Shipping Labels for compliance certification.

Q. We have multiple ship locations which print GS1-128 Shipping Labels. Do we need to send in samples from all the locations?

No, True Value does not require each shipping location to submit samples for certification, however, it is strongly recommended. Certification by ship location demonstrates your company's comprehensive ability to comply with True Value's GS1-128 requirements.

Q. We do not palletize True Value shipments. Do we still need to certify our labels?

True Value has indicated that their labeling requirements apply to all shipments made to their distribution centers. Please Contact Bar Code Graphics 800.662.0701 ext.510 for specific information.

Q. What is a GS1 Company Prefix?

For companies who registered with the GS1-US (formerly known as the Uniform Code Council), their UPC prefix is their GS1 Company Prefix with the first leading zero removed. For more information, go to GS1 Prefix.

Creating Labels
Q. How do we generate GS1-128 labels?

The best way for your company to generate GS1-128 shipping labels will depend on how you are setup to handle EDI. Vendors can print labels in-house if they have capable labeling software and printing equipment. Vendors can also use a 3rd party printing service. Bar Code Graphics offers pre-printed label services for True Value vendors. Please contact us at 800-662-0701 ext. 510 to discuss what solutions would work best for your company.

Q. Can we send in mockup test samples?

No, actual live samples are mandatory. In order to evaluate compliance, only actual GS1-128 Shipping labels should be submitted for testing.

True Value Requirements
Q. Where can we obtain a copy of True Value's bar code and labeling requirements?

The True Value requirements are available here. They can also be accessed on True Value's vendor site (login required).

Q. What factors are being evaluated for GS1-128 label certification?

Label layout and data are reviewed to ensure that required fields are present and in the correct position and format. The bar codes on a GS1-128 Shipping Label are being analyzed to ensure they comply with True Value's print quality, formatting, and sizing requirements. The GS1 Company Prefix in the SSCC-18 will be checked for proper positioning and assignment.

Q. What are the placement requirements for the GS1-128 label on pallets?

True Value prefers that vendors place two identical GS1-128 labels per pallet. The labels should be placed on adjacent corners.

Testing Process
Q. Where should we send sample GS1-128 labels for certification?

Bar code label certification is performed by Bar Code Graphics. All samples must accompanied by a submission form (provided upon completion of registration), and sent to:

Bar Code Graphics
Attn: True Value
875 N. Michigan Ave.
18th Floor
Chicago, IL 60601

Q. What is the turnaround for test results?

GS1-128 Certification is completed within (3) business days after receipt of sample at Bar Code Graphics. We recommend physical samples be sent using a carrier/method which provides shipment tracking information.

Q. What do I need to do if Test Results indicate label submission did not pass True Value GS1-128 Certification?

Test results which require corrective actions will include a breakdown of what changes are needed in order to pass certification. Suppliers are required to make corrections and submit an updated sample. Use this form to send in the updated sample: click here.

Q. What do I need to do if Test Results indicate label submission is certified to be in compliance with True Value's GS1-128 Requirements.

Suppliers are expected begin using their certified labels within (2) weeks following submission of a passing GS1-128 label sample. If your company is unable to begin using your certified labels within 2 weeks, you must email Bar Code Graphics at test@barcode-us.com to let us know when you will begin using your certified label format.
NOTE: True Value has access to all GS1-128 Testing Results and will be able to compare certified samples with ones on your shipments.