GTIN describes a family of GS1 global data structures that can be encoded into various types of data carriers (e.g., bar codes). The GTIN uniquely identifies an item or carton based on a global standard which spans across all business sectors. GTIN identification includes individual items as well as all other packaging configurations.

GTIN-12, GTIN-13 and GTIN-8

True Value retail point-of-sale scanners are configured to accept products identified with a GTIN-12, GTIN-13, or GTIN-8.

GTIN-12, GTIN-13, GTIN-8

Every True Value shelf and master carton should be identified with a GTIN-14. These cartons are not read by point-of-sale scanners.


Each True Value supplier is responsible for ensuring that each item and carton is identified with a GTIN which has been produced in accordance with the GS1 General Specifications.

For suppliers in need of technical GTIN support or assistance with identifying each item and/or carton with GTIN, contact:

Bar Code Graphics, Inc.
800.662.0701 ext.510

Bar Code Graphics, Inc. offers a variety of products of services, including Preprinted labels and Prepress Bar codes.